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2023-2024 Platinum Club FAQ’s

Q:  What time can I purchase a Platinum Club card on August 16th?
A:  Platinum Club cards will be available for purchase starting at 5:00AM PST on August 16, 2023.

Q:  Can I secure tee times before picking up my Platinum Card?
A:  Yes, Platinum Club cardholders will be able to secure tee times online or by using our mobile application as soon as their account is activated. It will take our professional staff several days to complete processing memberships as we expect a large influx of orders on day one. Members will receive an automated “welcome email” as soon as their account has been activated.

Q:  When do I receive my physical Platinum Card?
A:  We will take your picture and print your physical Platinum Card on your first visit…be ready for your glamour shot! : )

Q:  The Platinum Card was sold out before I could purchase it last year, but I have been a member years prior. Will I qualify for the preferred non-resident purchase price of $549?
A:  We are extending the preferred current/previous Platinum Club cardholder price of $549 to all Platinum Club cardholders dating back to 2020.

Q:  You offered $100 savings for purchases before October 1st in the past. Will the “early bird” discount be offered this season?
A:  We are NOT offering an ”early-bird” discount this year and expect to sellout the membership very quickly.

Q:  How can I verify that I am a current/previous Platinum Club cardholder to qualify for the preferred non-resident purchase price of $549?
A:  Our Professional Staff will have access to a list of all current and previous Platinum Club dardholders (dating back to 2020) and will complete an internal audit for all orders.

Q:  How can I verify my Palm Desert Resident Card online in order to qualify for the Palm Desert Resident purchase price of $299?
A:  Our Professional Staff will have a list of all current and valid Palm Desert Resident Cardholders and will complete an internal audit for all orders.

Q:  My Palm Desert Resident Card is currently expired or lost. Can I purchase a Platinum Club card at the Palm Desert price and update my Resident Card when I return to Palm Desert?
A:  Yes, as long as you have a valid Palm Desert Resident Card on your first visit to Desert Willow Golf Resort then the Palm Desert Resident purchase price will apply.

Q:  What if I purchase a Platinum Club card at the Palm Desert Resident price and can’t get my Palm Desert Resident Card upon arrival?
A:  We can charge an additional $249 (current/previous Platinum Club cardholder) or $600 (first time Platinum cardholder) upon arrival, if you’d like to keep your Platinum Card benefits.

Q:  How much is the non-refundable booking fee for tee times?
A:  Guests will be charged $10 per player at the point of booking this season. All booking fees will apply towards green fees at check-in.

Q:  Why are you charging booking fees this season?
A:  We are charging booking fees to ensure genuine reservations and encourage members to let us know of changes well in advance.

Q:  How can I secure tee times at my discounted Platinum Rate?
A:  We will be requiring all Platinum Club tee times to be secured online this season. Platinum members will be given instructions on how to reserve starting times online.

Q:  I booked a reservation that needs to be modified (adjustment to time, player count, or date of play).
A:  Please call the golf shop at (760) 346-7060 ext. 1 to ensure modifications without additional booking fees

Q:  How does dynamic pricing work?
A:  Dynamic pricing is specific to each hour, every day. Keep in mind; dynamic pricing is based on demand vs. booking pace, just like airlines, hotels, etc. so at times specific hours will be less expensive early in the booking window, but others may be starting at a higher rate. Allowing 60-day access certainly comes at a higher price, but savvy cardholders will still be able to find times at great prices.

Q:  How will the 60 day booking window work?
A:  Platinum Club cardholders and Non-Residents will have the same 60 day booking window this season. Reservations will become available at 7:00pm PST the day before, so technically our window is 60 days and 5 hours. Sleep is important for a good golf game!

Q:  How can I determine the value of your Platinum Club card now that rates aren’t fixed?
A:  The best way to define Platinum Club card value is that no matter what, our Platinum cardholders will be getting the best price available, always! 30% off prime rates and 25% off twilight rates.

Q:  As a Platinum Club cardholder, do I receive discounts off Performance Golf schools, Signature Golf Schools, short game offerings, or daily clinics at the Palm Desert Golf Academy?
A: No, we offer 15% off individual instruction only

Q:  How can I get on the waitlist when Non-Resident or Palm Desert Resident Platinum Club cards are sold out?
A:  We will offer a waitlist online once Non-Resident and Resident Platinum Club cards are sold out. Keep in mind, any Palm Desert Resident Platinum Cards unsold as of December 1st will go to any applicable Non-Resident waitlist.

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